Take all of the challenges at python.dunderdata.com

The solutions to the five Dunder Data Python Challenges will be presented below. Try these challenges for yourself at python.dunderdata.com before looking at the solutions. Video solutions for all of the challenges are available on YouTube.

Challenge #1 (1pt)

Given a list of integers. Return the difference between the largest and smallest values.

I’m excited to announce Dunder Data Python and Pandas Challenges! One Python and one Pandas challenge will be released each weekday on python.dunderdata.com. They will vary in difficulty and cover a wide range of topics.

An image of the first challenge available at python.dunderdata.com

Video solutions for the Python Challenges will be available here with the Pandas Challenges available here. You’ll answer the challenges within your very own Jupyter Notebooks.

Can you solve them?

Think you have what it takes to solve the challenges? Get started at python.dunderdata.com now.

Ted Petrou

Author of Master Data Analysis with Python and Founder of Dunder Data

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